Drivers Toshiba Portege R830/R840 Download for Win 7

Notebook Toshiba Portege R830, R840 with feature Intel Core Processor, Intel Chipset, Intel Graphic Display, Intel/Atheros Wireless, Intel LAN ethernet, HDA Modem, Web Camera, Face Recoqnition, Fingerprint, Bluetooth, USB3.0, USB Serial, Card Reader, Synaptics Touchpad. Support System Windows 7 32bit/64bit.

Windows 7 32bit
Chipset9.2.0.10154.66 MBWin7 x32
Intel Display8.15.10.235367 MBWin7 x32
Realtek Audio6.0.1.629395.79 MBWin7 x32
Intel WLAN14. MBWin7 x32
Atheros WLAN9. MBWin7 x32
LAN15.717.38 MBWin7 x32
Bluetooth Stack8.00.04T78 MBWin7 x32
Bluetooth Filter1.0.460.73 MBWin7 x32
Cardreader2. MBWin7 x32
Touchpad15.2.4.438 MBWin7 x32
Fingerprint1.0.2.3857.71 MBWin7 x32
Webcam1. MBWin7 x32
Face Recognition3.1.8110.23 MBWin7 x64
USB3.0 Driver2. MBWin7 x32
USB Serial Driver1.3.04.38 MBWin7 x32
Windows 7 64bit
Chipset9.2.0.10154.66 MBWin7 x64
Intel Display8.15.10.235382.20 MBWin7 x64
Realtek Audio6.0.1.629395.79 MBWin7 x64
Intel WLAN14. MBWin7 x64
Atheros WLAN9. MBWin7 x64
LAN15.717.38 MBWin7 x64
Bluetooth Stack8.00.04T78 MBWin7 x64
Bluetooth Filter1.0.460.73 MBWin7 x64
Cardreader2. MBWin7 x64
Touchpad15.2.4.438.18 MBWin7 x64
Fingerprint1.0.2.3857.71 MBWin7 x64
Webcam1. MBWin7 x64
Face Recognition3.1.8110.23 MBWin7 x64
USB3.0 Driver2. MBWin7 x64

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