Driver Compaq Mini CQ10-100 Download for Win XP, Win 7

Netbook Compaq Mini CQ10 Series, Intel Atom, Intel 945 Graphics, IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC, Qualcomm Gobi2000 Drivers for the HP un2420 Mobile Broadband Module, Wireless LAN Adapter, Realtek USB Cardreader, Bluetooth Driver on the supported notebook models and operating systems Windows 7

Windows XP
Intel Chipset8.3.0.10182 MBWinXp
Intel 945 VGA14.32.417 MBWinXp
Audio IDT HD5.10.6217.026 MBWinXp
Qualcomm Mobile Broadband Drivers1.1.190.037 MBWinXp
Atheros WLAN3.0021 MBWinXp
Broadcom WLAN5.60.350.610 MBWinXp
Bluetooth5.592 MBWinXp
Cardreader6.1.7600.301057 MBWinXp
Windows 7
Intel 945 VGA8.15.10.193022 MBWin7 32bit
Audio IDT HD6.10.6217.026 MBWin7 32bit
Qualcomm Mobile Broadband Drivers1.1.190.037 MBWin7 32bit
Atheross WLAN1.0020 MBWin7 32bit
Broadcom WLAN5.60.48.1820 MBWin7 32bit
Cardreader6.1.7600.301057 MBWin7 32bit
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